Customer Experience & Success

Today’s markets are unforgiving with customers demanding more and more and with such growth in the agriculture industry over the past five years, companies must keep up to ensure they are meeting their customer demands. With this in mind, and always with the end customer in mind, we take a multitiered approach to understanding what your customers truly want and then developing processes, systems and communications which will keep them in the loop every step of the way. From targeted solutions that have an immediate impact to transformational programs that redefine how you communicate with your customers, we help you elevate the customer experience across each step in the customer journey.

Carbon Credits and Programs

Cultivate has developed a proven methodology for helping our clients develop a data-driven, structure understanding of what your customers value most in their business transactions with you. We can even take that a step further and evaluate multiple tiers of customers within different segments, or channels, which can allow our clients to create differentiated and structured approaches to working with a variety of different customer types. Our Customer Value Model (CMV) methodology is based upon the premise that customers buy products or services for the successful outcomes that they provide, not for the sake of the product or services themselves. Your customers want their expectations met or exceeded with each and every interaction with you, and in today’s market, that can mean on demand at all hours of the day or reaching a salesperson or customer service representative that knows their business and their concerns.

Our CVM approach gathers ranking scores from customers for criteria that we develop with you and which are presumed to be important to the customer. We test these criteria with a sample set of customers to confirm they are the right set. We also meet with select customers to gain insights into how they “feel” and “think” about what is important to them, and then combine our knowledge of the industry, the geography, and data we have gathered from other customers in those regions to produce a score. The combination of the quantitative and the subjective provide you the best feedback on what your customers value.

Once each CVM model has been completed, we then have the capabilities to help you define what needs to occur next in the evolution of exceeding your customer expectations. With our years of experience across all functions of the business, we advise our clients on what will give them the most bang for their buck, what areas they must succeed in, and what areas will differentiate them in an ever-changing market. We work with your leaders and your people to develop a winning strategy for implementing the necessary changes and then we can deploy our professionals to help you implement each step along the way.

Please contact us for a discussion on how we would help you discover or confirm what your customers truly value in doing business with you or your competitors.