Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

To empower people, products, and organizations within the global farming community to solve the world’s greatest food challenges by bringing powerful, innovative, and inspiring minds to create bigger and bolder solutions.

Our Mission
Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Cultivate strives for our clients to truly view us as their “trusted advisors”, which means our clients come to us –
  • To bring innovative and best-in-class solutions, tailored to fit their needs for the challenge at hand
  • To achieve differentiated and value-for-value returns on their investment
  • To ensure the delivery of any project, regardless of size, in which we agree to pursue
  • To trust that our resources are not “learning on the job”, meaning each project resource has a history and skillsets specific to the project at hand
  • To know and trust that in everything we do, we do so with the utmost integrity, ethical compass, and honesty at all times

Core Values

Mutually Beneficial Relationships
  • Enrich / Enhance / Deepen
  • Listen, respect, and value diversity
  • Build long-term relationships of trust
Commitment and Accountability
  • Fulfill responsibilities
  • Achieve profitable growth
  • Celebrate our successes
  • Do the right thing, every time, all the time
Learning and Development
  • Constant development of our capabilities and talents
  • Create opportunities for career growth
  • Participate in professional organizations
Excellence in All We Do
  • Enhance quality and sustainability
  • Deliver innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Encourage new ideas and differentiated ways of thinking

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