Businesses face challenges at every twist and turn they face. At Cultivate Enterprises, we know that we are experts at a great deal of business functions and skills within the agriculture industry, but there are areas where we cannot be the end all be all for our clients. We know that there are certain specialties which we do not contain, and thus we partner with other companies when our clients request services that are not true to our subject matter expertise. We do this not to benefit us, but to offer our clients a seamless experience with other service providers we know, trust, and work well with. The following companies are those which we have a mutual relationship with and with whom we often work together to deliver value added services for our clients.

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StoneCross Group (link –

A boutique Management Consulting firm founded by Big 4 Partners with deep supply chain expertise across most industries. StoneCross, like Cultivate Enterprises, only employs and sends experienced professionals to their clients, many of whom are former C-suite executives from large publicly traded companies or accomplished lifelong consultants who possess a deep understanding of one more business functions or technologies. StoneCross defines “supply chain” as the business processes; Opportunity to Order (“OTO”), Order to Cash (“OTC”), Procure to Pay (“P2P”), warehousing, logistics, and omni-channel fulfillment.

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The Nuage Group (link –

The Nuage Group is a professional consulting organization which specializes in Salesforce and Azure technology services work. As a Certified Salesforce Partner, Nuage partners with their clients to configure and build custom Salesforce products, workflows, and interactive services for their clients which few other Salesforce Certified organizations can claim. Additionally, Nuage specializes in bringing business process reengineering and business process management services to their clients, which not only assist their clients with configuring and operating a seamless Salesforce or Azure ecosystem, but one which is optimized for each client’s business priorities and processes.

Nu Products (link –

Nu Products develops custom applications on top of a Salesforce platform, each unique to the industry it is meant to serve. These products can be purchased on the Salesforce Exchange and are often discounted for clients of Cultivate Enterprises.

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Scullion Strategy Group (

Scullion is our partner bringing new innovations to the animal and human health industries. Scullion works in the same manner that Cultivate Enterprises does, where they build custom teams of experts to evaluate new product opportunities and help to successfully launch these new products.

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