Digital, Technology & Data

Digital Technology and Data Management have been around for decades however now more than ever, the agriculture industry is realizing the potential of unlocking and harnessing the true possibilities within these powerful tools, technologies, and information. But beyond the technologies that are going into farms and enabling farmer/growers to make better and quicker decisions, every organization within the industry have substantial investments into the digital technology, data management space, and with the fast-paced moving culture and industry, must continue to make smart investments into these areas to sustain customer expectations and fuel growth.

Every organization’s goals and needs are different when it comes to digital technology and data management. In today’s age, digital technology is one of the core pillars of every successful business. There are few things we do as organizations anymore without the assistance of software or smart devices, and while these tools are enablers serving a purpose, they also have become critical investments which can lead to market differentiation and an enhanced customer experience. Between on demand customer management, real time data analytics, customer portals, and the expectation of full track and trace for customers to be able to know where their orders are and when they are going to arrive, it’s difficult to keep up with the increasing demands of the market.

How can leaders of organizations be expected to keep up with all the updates, the trends, the tools, the understanding of how to leverage various technologies, much less ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle are interconnected with precision? With the reliance and tech-driven advancements growing at a global level, the pace of change has accelerated along with the necessity to quickly embrace, select, and implement new technologies to keep pace with the increasing demands of your customer base.

Companies need a fundamentally different approach to building and managing technology in today’s highly competitive and fast changing environment, and they need an approach that is better suited to the ever-changing reality of today’s business landscape. Given that no two organizations are entirely alike, what one organization might find to be a perfectly suited technology, another might fail with that same technology. With the assistance of our digital technology and data management experts, organizations can uncover which technology is best suited to support and grow their business, how to exceed their customers’ expectations, and how to deliver true value to their organizational stakeholders while differentiating themselves in the marketplace.

Digital, Technology & Data

At Cultivate, we are passionate about agriculture, disruption, digital technologies, and data management. Whether B2B, B2C, or B2E, we examine your entire end to end business processes and technologies with your business goals in mind. Our dedicated experts work with you to bring a digital and business strategy to life, helping you meet the realities of today with a focus on tomorrow’s technology. This is not a strictly a technology exercise, nor do we find new and exciting technologies something to take lightly. We understand that investments into digital technologies are imperative to a business, that if not planned and implemented with precision, can and often will cost the organization exponentially financially and potentially worse. At the heart of every digital technology decision lies a critical business process and your customers’ needs coupled with their desires for increased visibility and ease of accessing their data. We focus our attention on an approach with your customers’ needs at the center, backed by our proven methodologies, our experts will build you a customized strategy and roadmap while guiding your organization through the complicated and tedious implementation of solutions which fulfill your business needs.

When it comes to digital technology and data management, we can assist our clients with the end-to-end spectrum of services. We have professionals with deep history in each of the following areas and many more to help take your business to the next level –

Technologies our SME’s cover –

Accounting Software – ERP – CRM – CPQ – BPM – WMS – TMS – SCM – EAM – Middleware – MRPII – APS – E-fulfillment – E-Manufacturing – E-Commerce – MES – PLM – EHR – EMR – HR Management – GRC
Digital, Technology & Data

Data Exchange Protocols we work in –

API – AWS – EDI – XMl – X12 – IDoc – JSON – ArcESB

Cloud Platforms we support –

SaaS – PaaS – IaaS

Database Technologies we support –

SQL – MySQL – IBM DB2 – Knack – Improvado – Amazon RDS – Oracle RDBMS – SQL Developer – Teradata

Examples of specific Software which we have deep SME’s within –

SAP S/4 HANA – SAP ECC – SAP Business One (B1) – Oracle NetSuite – Oracle ERP Cloud – Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Microsoft Great Plains – Sage X3 – Sage 300 – Hubspot – Infor – IFS – Syspro – Workday – Epicor – Kronos – Folio3 – Nu Products ERP Lite – Farm ERP

Analytics Engines and Reporting

Tableau – Workday – PowerBI – Crystal Reports – Zoho – ClicData – Cognos – Infor Birst – Looker – Sisense – Qlik Sense – SAS Business Intelligence

Cultivate combines the strength of our deep industry expertise with our even deeper digital technology expertise to enable your organization to make the correct strategic decisions on digital technology to not only support your business, but to enhance your customer experience as well.

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